Main benefit: program in real world logical names

Benefits of scratchClient

  • Children can program in Scratch using real world logical names rather than technical terms
  • Interface with the GPIO pins on Raspberry Pi
  • Interface with the GPIO pins on a USB connected Arduino
  • Interface with
    • SPI and I2C connected peripherals
    • MQTT
    • Sonic Pi
    • Sensehat
    • Text to Speech
    • Many more

Benefits of using Arduino

Why using an Arduino when Raspberry Pi also has GPIO pins? Here are the benefits:

  • Arduino has analog in
  • Arduino has HW pulse width modulation (PWM)
  • Arduino GPIO pins are 5 volt tolerant
  • Easier to make connections (+, - and signal next to each other)
  • When misconnecting, blowing up an Arduino clone of 2 euro is less of an issue than a RPi of 40 euro

The Setup

Getting started / getting more information

Now that you got the overview, are you interested to take the next steps?